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Thanks to our specialization in the manufacturing of truck bodies, we have come to design an innovative aircraft wash system for commercial and private carriers.
Our aircraft wash equipment has been designed by a highly experienced engineering team, which has been able to convey the ultimate technological elements to the final product.
Our aircraft washing trucks can be personalized to meet all the requirements you might need in your industry, thanks to our R&D department that works in close contact with the customers.

Why is it so important to properly wash an aircraft? This operation is absolutely essential, as it can prevent corrosion on the airframe and, with the appropriate washing products, it can even arrest the existing one. It is not just a matter of people’s safety: studies say that up to 80% of maintenance costs in the lifetime of an aircraft come from repairing corrosion damages. Proper washing treatments, with the appropriate aircraft washing trucks, can thus considerably increase the profits of every carrier.
Moreover, while thoroughly washing the plane, it is also possible to realize a detailed inspection of all of its parts. Impact damages and degradation of several components can be spotted at the very beginning, and potential problems can be prevented.
Finally, but still quite important, during each flight an aircraft accumulates dust and exhausted oils on its surface; cleaning the windows and possibly slippery stairs is a way to prevent other minor, yet unpleasant, accidents.
In DMIX International, we are committed to offering the cleanest, safest and most efficient cleaning trucks with our latest aircraft wash system, developed and produced in Italy, according to the highest standard of manufacturing.
Contact us today and ask for further details about price and custom service on your next aircraft washing trucks.

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