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Aircraft Wash Equipment

Model Etna 2020

Aircraft washing trucks

Based on our proven expertise in truck bodies, we have designed and realized Etna 2020, an aircraft wash system that can suit all the requirements of both commercial and private carriers.

Safe and reliable, Aircraft Washer Etna 2020 has been conceived to offer the highest efficiency without neglecting comfort for the users, including all the necessary devices for the night shift.

We used high quality and resistant materials to realize every single component of the aircraft washing trucks, also adding all the facilities that can help optimize time consuming passages and maintenance. Every detail has been considered and safety has always come first, when designing the hauler; for this reason you will find anti-slip floor in the basket, stabilizers to ensure safe operation, emergency service and operation of boom system.

We also offer a high ease of use, energy saving system, safe manoeuvring and three different pressure guns inside the basket washing system.

Our vehicles are fully equipped for aircraft cleaning; moreover, they also bear all necessary connections for power and water. The specific design we have created ensures that the trick can be positioned at the optimal height of the aircraft for the whole cleaning process.

Built on a very resistant chassis, Aircraft Washer Etna 2020 features easy maintenance and spare parts commonality; for your convenience, every truck comes with full documentation about the chassis, part list, wiring diagram and instruction and maintenance manuals.

For further requests and details about our Aircraft Washer Etna 2020 aircraft wash system, and if you want to know the level of personalization our team can reach for you, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Aircraft Washer

Data Sheet in English


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Data sheet Aircraft Washer

Technical specification of the platform

Working height 12,5 mt.
Basket floor height 11,0 mt.
Basket capacity 205 kg.

  • N° 1 Arm in high quality steel with conveyor jib 90° mounted on front of vehicle
  • N° 1 Arm lifting cylinder
  • Non continous rotation at 360° (+/- 180° for each side)
  • Aluminium Basket (dimensions 1400x700x1100 mm) with antislip floor and aluminium panels on sides, on the basket floor there will be water drain hose, covered by white color aluminum sheet Equipped with: 4 mechanical anti-collision system, 1 Electronic overcharge sensor for stop the lifting when there is over 205 kg +/-5% on basket, 2 rings for safety belt lock, Platform control distributor, Openable left side door, Rubber protection inflated with air on the sides and under the basket, engine start/stop for emergency, Washing control with indicators for minimum water and detergent level. All the controls on the platform are hydraulically operated.
  • Hydraulic Pump for platform  Oil tank in steel with filter and level indicator Dmix International s.r.l.s. Viale Enzo Paolo Tiberi n° 8, 06124 PERUGIA (PG) C.F/P.IVA 03610350542 REA PG301726 Dmix International
  • 4 stabilizers, with automatic system that avoid to operated if the stabilizers are not correct positioned, and automatic system that avoid the stabilizers will closed if the basket is not in standby position.
  • 4 stabilizers, with automatic system that avoid to operated if the stabilizers are not correct positioned, and automatic system that avoid the stabilizers will closed if the basket is not in standby position.
  • Display for self diagnostic of platform fixed on truck cabin  Emergency service through manual pump
  • Display for self diagnostic of platform fixed on truck cabin.
  • Emergency service through manual pump.
  • Automatic levelling system of basket.
  • 2 delivery output on basket for 2 spray guns in basket for water and mix and 1 delivery output on basket for liquid detergent gun.
  • Electrical Emergency operation of boom system, with electropump 24V.
  • Double-effect Block valve in each cylinder.
  • Hydraulic system protection with high pressure safety valve.
  • Working lights on basket.
  • Two separate way: Water line and Detergent line on basket.
  • Basket cabin intercom systems, it means System with microphone and loudspeaker in chassis cabin and headset and microphone in basket.
  • First layer and final layer of white painting according with cabin color, in high quality and non corrosive paint.
  • Sticker and plate for instruction and warning in english language where is necessary.
  • High resistance and quality steel subframe realized on truck of your choose.


  • The body will be made in shape with the vehicle cabin, considering the installation of basket on frame.
  • It will be built with carbon steel profiles, suitable treated anti corrosive protection, painted like truck cabin color
  • The coverage of the side wall will be made in steel sheet or aluminum of adequate thickness.
  • On the front of the box, will be made n° 2 right/left loading compartments closed by aluminium tarpaulins with handle and key closing, for containing pumps and equipments.
  • Control panel positioned inside the pump compartment on the side on front, containing:
    ◦ Pump pressure gauge
    ◦ N° 2 Water pump start stop
    ◦ N° 1 Detergent pump start stop
    ◦ PTO insertion warning light
    ◦ Water and detergent warning light
    ◦ Manual light on control panel for night work
    ◦ Pumps emergency stop system when the levels of water and detergent are low
  • The compartments will have spotlights manually operated
  • Box with signals inside the truck cabin including washing control indicators
  • On the rear side of the body there will be a ladder for manhole inspection.
  • Camera and monitor for reverse driving
  • Amber flashing beacon in the top of the cabin and behind the body.

Technical specification of body, tank and water system

  • N° 1 Water tank in stainless steel AISI 304, parallelepiped shape, sides reinforced, capacity 5.100 lt.
  • Manhole Diameter 500 mm
  • Removable transversal and longitudinals flanges
  • Overflow hose
  • Filling hose dia. 100 mm UNI70, input with interception valve, blind cap and chain
  • Discharge hose with manual interception valve
  • Visual level indicator on tanks
  • N° 1 Tank in stainless steel AISI304 for liquid detergent, 500 lt. capacity
  • N° 2 Water diaphragm pumps, Capacity 232.2 lt/min, 50 BAR @ 550 rpm, powered by primary hydraulic motors and adequate power for priming the washing guns, with suction from 5.100 lt. Tank.
  • N° 1 diaphragm pumps capacity 42.3 lt/min, 40 BAR @ 550 rpm, powered by primary hydraulic motor and adequate power for priming the detergent gun, with suction from 500 lt. Tank.
  • Pressure regulators, recirculation valves and manometers in each pump.
  • N° 1 mixer for water and detergent mixing
  • 6 Mt. Pipe with bottom valve for water collection from external source for filling of tank
  • Filters in water suction line
  • Hydraulic pumps on PTO and Electro, Hydraulic distributors
  • Ground level water system:
    ◦ N° 1 gun with capacity 110/120 lt/min on ground level with spring hose reel 10 m.
  • Basket Washing system:
    ◦ N° 1 gun with capacity 110/120 lt/min.
    ◦ N° 1 gun with capacity 200/230 lt/min.
    ◦ N° 1 gun for detergent capacity 40 lt/min


One set of instruction manual as follow:

  • Chassis workshop manual;
  • Illustrated parts list;
  • Wiring diagram;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Maintenance manual (English languages);
  • Certificate of conformity;